Sports: describe a sport. Where is it played, who takes part, what is the aim of the game, what do you wear, what equipment do you need? Include some other interesting facts. Choose a sport that you know a lot about, but make sure you are well prepared in advance! You are expected to say min 70 words.

An interview with a famous athlete: ask interesting questions, and/or answer.

The Olympic Games: talk about the history of the Olympic Games and about the symbols of the modern Olympic Games.

In a restaurant: talk about the food on the menu, things at the table, make polite requests.

Talk about conditions: illustrate the use of first conditional on some real-life example sentences, e.g. If I don’t study, I won’t get a good mark.

Expressing the future: talk about your plans and arrangements for the near future, make examples of future facts, predictions, offers and promises; use appropriate tenses (going to, present continuous, will future).

Predictions about the future: what are your predictions and hopes about your personal future (school, university, job, family, home, ambitions, …) and the future of the world (health, politics, economy, technology, natural world, …)? What do you think, believe, hope will/won’t happen? What might, probably will/won’t happen?

Achievements: What have people done? What has happened to the environment? Talk about environmental issues and use the present perfect tense as appropriate.

The environment – vocabulary: Talk about the problems, translate the words for environmental issues and challenges

Irregular verbs: Say all forms of a given verb and illustrate the use of the past participle.

Using a machine: Illustrate the use of some phrases connected to using modern technology.