11/9 My classmates left the school today, only a few of us were left. Some (actually only one) were crying. They left during the fourth lesson.

13/9 Today there was a trip to Bohinj. The bus trip was very peaceful, and relaxing. There was almost no one on the bus, from the people from my class. Sitting alone and watching the landscape move by in silence. The bus from school to Bohinj was slightly different. Well, bus, … more like a big white van. It was raining. I have no idea why would someone choose such stormy weather for a trip. We ate pizza, went bowling, and had a quite good time.

14/9 We were in groups, working on a 1 day project – to gather info about a certain country and make some kind of a poster with image of that country`s flag, location and information about it. I was with Mitja and we were assigned to a country we were kind of familiar with –Sweden. Gathering information was easy, since we went to the computer room to use WWW. Then there was main break. Simon spilled some hot tea on me – it happens. After break we continued our work. Now we were making that “kind of“ a poster. I basically did everything myself, since Mitja was practically of no use. So I am impressed that I even managed to do it, since other groups were composed of at least 3 people.

15/9 It was a normal day in school, with normal lessons. There were only five of us. Those five lessons were over quickly and I was home in no-time.