• TALK ABOUT FACTS. USE SENTENCES with: There is/are, … have(n’t) got/has(n’t) got, … can/can’t …, present simple –s
  • DESCRIBE AN ANIMAL: What is it? What is it like? What parts of body has it got? Where does it live? What does it eat? What can it do? What else can you say about it?
  • EXPRESS YOUR OPINION: What do you think of … school subjects, sports, activities, … What are they like – use ADJECTIVES!
  • INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES: What do you love/(really) like/quite like doing? What don’t you mind? What don’t you like/hate doing?
  • PERSONAL QUESTIONS: Interview a school-friend. Ask different kinds of questions! What is …? What can …? What do …? What have … got …? Where …? How…? Have … got …?
  • HOW OFTEN DO YOU …? Ask and answer the questions and use adverbs of frequency and expressions of frequency.
  • TEENAGERS’ LIFESTYLES: Talk about popular activities for teenagers. Compare the lifestyles of Slovene teenagers to lifestyle of American teenagers.
  • DAILY ROUTINE: Describe somebody’s daily routine. Use LINK WORDS. Use PRESENT SIMPLE!
  • VOCABULARY: Answer the questions about animals and other facts about the world (SB p. 6, 7), about New York (SB p. 13), Life in the Antarctic (SB p. 14), Teenagers’ lifestyles (SB p. 16, 17), Everyday routines (SB p. 18, 19) – demonstrate the use of ‘new words’.