One of the most interesting groups are the Amish who are a group of ethnic German farmers who first moved to this country in the early 1700s and live pretty much away from the rest of us — all of whom they group together under the general name of “the English”.   The Amish usually speak a German dialect in their homes though they speak perfectly ordinary American English when dealing with outsiders.  They refuse to have electricity, telephones, radios and televisions in their homes and in most of their work places.  They do not use trucks or automobiles, relying instead on bicycles and horse-drawn wagons and carriages to get around.  And they work their farms with horse-drawn or oxen-drawn equipment. Their clothing is almost alway in plain, dark colors and in the style of American clothing from about 150 years ago.  They are strict pacifists and very religiously strict Protestants.  Nonetheless they have quite prosperous farms and many own and operate shops that make simple, exquisite furniture.