One day, our English teacher showed us a video by Gary Turk named Look up. I have seen it before that, but it was interesting to see it again. It’s a very inspiring video; Gary is telling people to stop using technology and live life differently. The video became viral and a lot of people were talking about it. Our teacher told us to write an essay about it, because she wanted to know what we think about it. So here we go.

After watching this video, I feel a bit empty, because every single thing, one way or another, is true. I think everyone can relate to this video, it’s like a mirror, picturing the truth back to us. I think that’s also a reason why this became so viral. It’s because we all agree with this, we can’t disagree. If we would, we would lie to ourselves.

A lot of people are really judging and critical about this video, because technology is becoming a big part of our lives, maybe even too big. People have a job connected to technology or they really can’t live without it. Yes, technology became really important and even dangerous in some ways, but is Gary really saying we should stop using technology at all, like some viewers got it? I don’t think so. I mean, he has taken the whole ‘’missing life chances’’ a bit too far, but I think the point of the video isn’t that harsh and heavy. It’s about having self-control and having a healthy balance between taking photos of your meal and posting them on Facebook like, look what I’m eating, it’s so good, and going out with your friends, playing with your little cousin and so on.

On the top of this video we can all feel the irony of the whole situation. Gary Turk posted this video on the Internet, on YouTube, he filmed it with cameras, and he edited it on his computer. He has the newest iPhone5, even if he’s saying that we should shut the computer down, he’s using an Apple laptop. I’m not saying that’s wrong or anything, but the man, who’s telling people to leave devices behind is buying the most modern technology.

On the other hand Gary’s right on so many points, it hurts. Like the ‘’hanging out with friends’’ part, where he’s talking about friends, sitting in the same room, but everyone on their own phones talking to another friend through the screen. We are sending snapchats, how bored we are, in the middle of a room, full of people. We can talk to friends more easily by phone and it becomes awkward, when you meet in person and you think you have nothing to talk about and nothing to say. So we take a phone out of our pockets and sit in the corner. The picture you posted of you and your friend got 100 likes, but how many of those ‘’friends’’ who liked it, actually cared about that?

I think everybody should have a friend or a person to hang out with without having a need to check your phone. A person you can laugh with without taking a picture and ruining the moments you two share. We should all have a friend we are never bored with, while sitting next to him, because that’s what real friends are for.

Think for a moment about that one person or people that make you feel this way. I counted two, maybe three of them. Maybe there’s more, I don’t know. Maybe there isn’t.

When was the last time I played a board game with my family, together, all four of us? The last time we played cards and laughed and talked to each other without a TV turned on? It must be forever, because I can’t remember.

Right now my dad is looking at the computer screen. My mom is watching a stupid movie on TV. My brother is probably in his room checking news on his new phone. And there is me, writing an essay about using too much technology. How ironic is that??! I even liked and shared a video I just watched so people will see what I watched and probably never care.

At the end, Gary says: ‘’Stop watching this video, live life the real way.’’ How many of those 46 million people who watched the video, will actually be able to do this? Will anyone have the courage to shut the computer down and go do some exercise, read a book or just go bake chocolate muffins you know your grandma loves, take a ride with a bike and surprise her with your visit? How many? I mean maybe some of us are that brave and inspired, but not lots of us.

I know I should have faith in people, but I don’t have it in this case. Do you believe in a massive group of people changing their habits and turning their lives for the better? In kids, inspired by the video, telling their parents about it? I don’t. The ‘’look up’’ video was extremely interesting and all, but like Gary said: “We are a generation of idiots, smart phones and dumb people.”

 Nina Cvetko, 9.a