You are going to find out more about the people who work at OŠ Jožeta Krajca.

Anja Šircelj Istenič is our German teacher, but she is also a pedagogue. She helps students that need extra help at learning some subjects. She likes working as a teacher because, she likes working with children, working with bigger groups or classes and with individuals. She thinks that she can communicate well with students and the job is interesting. The bad thing is, that you have limited time. She’s been working at OŠ Jožeta Krajca for 10 years. In her free time, she likes to sing, dance, listen to music, she likes playing cards, she likes to read but sometimes doesn’t have enough time. The best thing is when she and her family go camping with a tent in the summer. She likes the sun, water and being on vacation with her family.

You probably know this person, and this is Liljana Intihar. She is our maths teacher. She likes working as a teacher because it makes her happy. She likes teaching and looking after the children in lower grades. In her opinion there is nothing bad, because she always finds something good so she can be creative. She’s been working at our school for 5 years, so since 2009, but she also worked in Ljubljana for 30 years. In her free time, she likes walking, cycling, going on trips, camping, gardening. She has got grandchildren so she likes playing with them, and she is a big lover of motorcycle trips.

And the last one is our art teacher Petra Mikše. The good things about her job are that she can be creative, she loves working with kids, but the bad thing is that there is more and more clerical work and everything has to be writing. She choose this job because she still has a lot of holidays, but later she found out that it’s fun too. When she went to college she didn’t choose it because of the job but because that school didn’t have math. She’s been working here for 20 years. In her free time she likes to knit, crochet, sew, read books, run, do the gardening and clean.

Sara Vuzem