Last week we went to “CŠOD Radenci”. Our journey started in Rakek all the way to Radenci. On the bus we had a great time, we told a lot of jokes, we talked about a lot of things. The bus wasn’t a great experience for all of us because the road was exhausting and some were feeling sick. But we all made it without bigger problems. We arrived there at around half past eleven. The first thing that we noticed when we came was that the house was quite large for a town so small. Our room was in the first floor. It wasn’t very big, but big enough for me and my four other roommates to live there normally. My roommates were Urban, Vitan, Redžep and Primož. We had more free time than the years before. Each day we had four lessons. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon. We learned a lot of things that are typical for “Bela Krajina”. My favorite thing last week was archery, but I didn’t like some of the lessons inside the classroom. We came back home on Friday afternoon. I was very tired but after we came back I went straight to my shooting competition. Overall it was a great week.

Gašper Šlajnar