On 11th September we went to school with all our luggage. It was a very special day and it was difficult to have normal lessons. Finally we had lunch and took a small bus to Rijeka. The journey took 2 hours but it wasn’t boring.

At the airport there were a lot of different controls that we had to go through. We were OK so we went to the plane. I have flown before and I was excited, but a lot of my schoolmates flew the first time. They were scared and we joked about 11th September 14 years ago.

At the end of our flight we agreed that it is fun to travel by plane. We were very happy because we were in Sweden. It was colder, but the weather was nice.

Then we waited for the coach and when it arrived we travelled for a long time. I was a bit tired, I couldn’t sleep, because I was too excited.

And, finally we were there, we were in Nortälje in Sweden.

Zala Jelinčič, 9. B