Dear editor,

I’m going to write about junior prom. Every year in every primary school there is a junior prom. That’s a tradition. But most people don’t think it’s much fun.

Students from year 9 are uncomfortable because they have to dance with someone. I think teachers aren’t excited about that, too. They have to help us a lot and we miss some lessons because of getting everything ready. If we ask a teacher, why we have to have a junior prom, she will usually say, that we are preparing it for our parents. They will be happy and after the junior prom we will be happy, too. Are our parents really happy, when we are looking for expensive clothes and shoes? Some children want to change their hairstyle and maybe they don’t like that change. Are they happy, when their children go to after party and they know we’re going to drink alcohol? My parents aren’t.

In my opinion it would be enough to have just a small event in the classroom or maybe outside. We could wear jeans and the same T-shirts. I think it would be more fun without the pressure about dresses and dancing. After that we can stay outside and have a picnic outside school. We can play some games and do some sports.

I know nothing will change this year, but I hope the junior prom will be different next year or a year after that.

Zala Jelinčič, 9.b