A few days ago, I’ve been watching some videos on Youtube. You know, nothing out of the ordinary. But then I came across a few very interesting videos. They got me thinking, and that’s why I decided to write this article. I’ll mostly try to express my own thought’s on this subject, but not everything I write originally came from me.

But just before we start, I feel like I need to add a quick disclaimer. While reading this article please keep in mind that I might try to present some things as really big problems while they are actually not that bad (at least in my opinion; and if we were able to live with them for this long, I don’t think they present such a problem / threat to our society).

OK! So you might be wondering what I’m going to be talking about as the title of this article doesn’t really tell you much. Well, this might sound like some crazy conspiracy theory, but it’s actually pretty real! Infact, it’s so real, it affects me, you, and people around us on daily basis! Some of the things I’m going to talk about are pretty much just ways we’ve been getting screwed over for many, many decades or even centuries by our government (or should I say “the people in power” as these things aren’t related to government only). And this doesn’t apply to Slovenia only. This applies to the whole world!

Now, before you get scared or begin to think that I went crazy (which you are probably thinking by now), I want you to know that  these are everyday things I’m going to talk about. They are visible to everybody. Everybody knows about them. The point is, that not many people actually look deeper into these things. Because if they did, they would see how inefficient and even stupid some of these things are!

If more people knew about the things that are happening behind the scenes, changes would almost certainly start to happen and hopefully they will as long as we are willing to take action.

All right! I think I’ve wasted enough of your time to get you interested. So here they are! THINGS THAT ARE WRONG IN OUR SOCIETY THAT MOST PEOPLE NEVER THINK ABOUT!

(to be continued)

Tadej Gašparovič, 9.a