Our school has organized a camp for gifted students. This camp is organized every second year. It is in Rakov Škocjan. This camp is the best. We all are very happy when it takes place. There are a lot of workshops. You have to choose 3 workshops and have a spare one. The best workshop is when we go in a cave. In the cave the water is very cold and there is a lot of mud. We come out of cave all muddy. We go in a river to clean our clothes.

My mum says that the camp must be for all students who want to go there. She thinks that it is painful for the kids who are not proclaimed as gifted. Some pupils were not recognized as gifted although they are. Maybe their parents didn’t work with them and help them to develop their abilities. Maybe they are younger than other pupils in the same class because they were born at the end of the year, in October, November or December. So they look less gifted but they are only less developed.

I don’t agree with her. I think that this camp is well organized. There are only pupils who like to work. I enjoy being with them. These pupils also work in school. They do their homework, they learn. I think the school must continue to organize these camps.

Leon Stražišar, 9. a