It was half night and I was going to get a drink, because I was thirsty. When I entered the kitchen I saw a big fat demon. It was like he was crying. I stepped to him and he scared me to my heart. I ran to my room like a walking jet. I locked my room and went under the bed.

I saw a book down there. I opened it and saw a demon chaser chapter, when a young boy chopped the demon´s head with a plasma gun, but I didn´t have any of those. I read more pages of the book, when I heard steps of the demon. It was closer and closer and I read in the book how to make a plasma gun. It was something about a newspaper, but I didn´t think, I just made a plasma gun. I prepared for my fight with the demon. When the demon came to my room I shot it right in the head and he died. After this day I buy a gun every single year.

Klemen Godeša, 7. a