It was Friday 13th in the middle of the night.  I and my best friend were in an amusement park. We went to one part of the park. My bestie shot the balloons and she won. She got a teddy bear and it was very big. We were glad, but didn’t want it. We went home and there we made a plan how to get rid of it. We put it on the table and then we went upstairs. When we opened the door of our bedroom, the teddy bear was sitting on my bed. We were scared but we thought that it was a mirage. Even if we thought that it was a mirage we called our friends to help us. When they arrived they suggest that we cover it with the trash can. When we went to dinner we noticed the teddy bear on the table and there was a trash can next to him. We were very scared. We took it in our garden. It was raining very strongly so he was all wet and we too. We buried him in the ground. When we came back inside he was sitting down again on the table. This time he was all dirty because of the ground. Then we had enough. We ripped all the parts of his body. We sent the body parts around the world. Only then we were releaved. We went to the bed. Next morning my BFF was hugging something soft. When she was aware of someone’s hugs she opened her eyes. She was very scared. When she saw how she was hugging a teddy bear it was stitched together. And suddenly she was gone. There was just a puddle of blood.

Ema Zdovc, Lina Kovšča, 7.a