The School System

I think that the school system is all wrong. It’s not efficient. In 5 hours or more that we are in school we learn too little. This happens because some students are not as intelligent as others. If the system separated the bad students from the average and them from the smartest the education would be a lot more efficient. I also think that school puts too much pressure on the children. We get tested every week. That is not all right. Also the homework should not exist. I mean, you don’t get homework if you have a job. Well, most jobs don’t. So as I said 1 solution would be to separate students based on their knowledge or have different schools for student with different intelligence. Because now students that are not that smart keep holding back the students who are smarter. I know that our school has classes for talented students but if they want to attend them they have to get up earlier or stay in school after class. I hope you at least partly agree with me and support my idea of a new school system.

Urban Zorman, 9. a


Since the beginning of time people have been making differences between physical and mental health. Usually, people think that people with mental issues are just crazy and looking for attention. Well, imagine two 17-year-old boys. One is very happy, energetic and always smiling. He is a good student, has a lot of friends and plays football. One day he was playing football with his friends and he tripped over his shoe lace and twisted his ankle. He immediately went to the doctor. The doctor helped him. Four months later he played with his friends again. He was hurt and he got fixed.

Then we have the other guy. He is also very intelligent and sweet and also has quite a lot of friends. One day he and his friends went to a party. At the party, he had a panic attack. He went home because he didn’t want to bother anyone. His panic attacks were getting worse and worse so he decided to tell his friends and family about it. They understood and took him to the doctor. Right? Wrong. They said it was nothing, that it was in his head. He started losing his friends because he was too much for them to handle. He’s had anxiety, and then because of his loneliness, he grew depression. Every day he was alone, having panic attacks and other terrible issues. And every time he asked for help people would just ignore it because it was all for attention. He didn’t see a reason to live anymore, so he killed himself. He was hurt, but he didn’t get fixed.

So please, the next time you see someone struggle help them. Because maybe the 10 minutes you give someone just to listen to them without judging, could save their life.

                                                                                                                                          Liza Perko, 9.a