Čuki come from Slovenia. They play national fun music.

They first started in the year 1989. The first members were Jože Potrebuješ, Marko Vozelj, Vinko Cankar and Marjan Malovrh. They were also the starters of the band. There’s nothing special with the name, they just made it up. In 2017 the members are Jože Potrebuješ, Matjaž Končan, Jernej Tozon in Miha Novak. There are two singers, Jože Potrebuješ and Jernej Tozon. They’ve made three albums ‘’Na licu bela solza, Rdeča mašna and Narodni Čuki’’. The most successful were ‘’Rdeča mašna and Na licu bela solza’’. They won the Zlata naklada.

For me, I’ve listened to them since I was little, my brother and two sisters listened to them, too. I’ve liked them for seven years. I like them because their songs are funny but I’m not really a fan, they’re in my life but not my favorite. I listen to their music on long trips or when I want to be happy. I’ve never bought a CD from them, I listen to them on Youtube. I’ve also never been to one of their concerts because I like them but not so much I would go to a concert. I hope the band will go on in the future and carry on with the fun because they’re the best.

Primož Mekina, 8. a