Last summer, me and my family went to Spain. We stayed in a beautiful house with a garden. We went to the seaside, visited the aquarium and zoo with elegant flamingos and dolphins which performed in the dolphin and sea lion show. On Tuesday – the second day of summer holidays we went to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. There we enjoyed fish and chips for lunch. With a van we drove on a big mountain in Gibraltar and saw four famous sights. The first one was a 50 km long tunnel. The second sight was a big cave with lights. The third one was a beautiful view with the cliff on one side, on the way to the top. And the last one, which was my favourite, was at the top with silly monkeys jumping on our van while we were driving. At the top one naughty monkey saw a candy bar in a bag of another tourist. It jumped on his bag, took the chocolate bar, sat on a stone and ate it. The wrap of the candy was thrown into the abyss by the monkey. It was hilarious. For all the reasons above, I recommend it to you, if you need an exciting and fun trip.  

Emma Jane Paradiž, 7. b