This is a North American raccoon. It belongs to a group of mammals. It’s about 40 to 70 centimetres long and it weighs from 3,5 to 9 kilograms.

Raccoons have got grey fur which is white and black on their face. They’ve got a long bushy tail with black and white stripes. Their ears are small and their snout is long and black. They have got four legs and hands which are pretty similar to human hands.

North American raccoons live in forests, mountain areas and sometimes in cities.

Raccoons look for their food by themselves. Sometimes they even look for their food in trash which is why some people don’t like them. They eat vertebrate animals, non-vertebrate animals and plants for example roots, berries,…

Raccoons are very good climbers. That helps them when they are trying to hide or when they are looking for food.

North American raccoons are very intelligent animals. They can remember what was the solution of a task that they solved three years ago!

Some people have raccoons for their pets. I think that’s very cool and I am very jealous of those people.

I really like raccoons. I think they are very cute, cool, funny and smart. In fact, raccoons are one of my favourite animals. I would be very happy if I would have one of them as my pet.

Živa Petkovšek 7.b