Last summer me, my sister and my parents went to Bulgaria. We didn’t lie on the beach for two weeks like a lot of people do. Me and my family like to be more active on our vacation.

We travelled by car. On our way there we stopped in a city called Zaječar in Serbia. We stayed there for one night and then went to the capital of Bulgaria. It’s called Sofia. We stayed there for 5 days. The weather in Sofia was pretty weird. It was hot and sunny in the morning. In the afternoon it was always raining. We were wondering around the city. We visited some museums and saw beautiful houses and buildings. We also went on one of the mountains near the city.  After 5 days we went to a city called Sozopol. It’s by the sea. We stayed there for 3 days. It was sunny and really hot there. Every day we went swimming.  After that we went to Stara Zagora. We stayed there for 4 days. It was sunny and hot. We saw beautiful churches, went on some hills, visited the Rilla monastery, … We really had a lot of fun! On our way back home we stopped at a city called Jagodina in Serbia. We stayed there for one night and then went back home.

On our vacation we only ate in restaurants. Food in Bulgaria is pretty similar to food in Slovenia. It was really good.

I hope I will go back to Bulgaria again. I really enjoyed our vacation there. We had great weather and we saw a lot of beautiful things.  We had a lot of fun although we were all very tired at the end of our vacation.


Živa Petkovšek, 7. b