The issue I wanted to think about was people from Asia making food of low cost for us to buy in supermarkets.

These people work 12 or more hours a day and they get payed about 1 to 2€ per day. And because they are payed so little their food is cheaper than our local food and most of people rather buy something, that’s cheaper. Therefore, with buying food products from Asian countries we encourage their manufacturing and those low payed workers have more work to do and they don’t have a chance to find a better payed job. You may say there’s an easy solution: stop buying imported food and start buying local products. But that won’t solve anything. If people stop buying imported food, workers would lost their jobs, and they won’t be able to find a new one because all food companies would have too many workers. They also wouldn’t get a well payed job because they don’t have enough schools done, thanks to bad educational system in their country.

So there comes the tricky part of my question. The answer. Is it better to keep buying imported food and let workers and their families live in poverty, or to do something about it? But there’s not much we can do by ourselves.

Tilen Švigelj, 9. a