Last summer holidays I was at home a lot, but I went to the seaside once and to my grandma’s a few times. My cousins live near my grandma, so we hang out a lot when I’m there. My cousin Ema usually stays at my grandma’s apartment with me. In the morning we wake up at around 8 and 9 am and then draw until grandma cooks lunch. After we eat lunch, we go to my cousin’s house and do different stuff there. We always have a lot of fun. In the evening we walk back to my grandma’s apartment, eat dinner and tell jokes and laugh until we go to sleep. When we go to the seaside it’s usually only me and my parents. When we’re there, we go swimming around 3 or 4 times a day, eat breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 8 pm. After dinner we go for a walk and buy ice cream. This year two of my friends came to our camp and we were in the sea for the whole afternoon. We dove, sang and laughed so it was a lot of fun. In the evening we all went for a walk and ate ice cream. Otherwise I mostly hung out with my friends outside. I went out everyday at 2 pm and came back home at around 8 pm. These holidays were really fun in general.

Zala Zbačnik, 7. b